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WRITE IT ALREADY – How To Overcome A Writer’s Block Or Procrastination?

Bycbs editor

Feb 11, 2021
A writer’s block and procrastination are similar concepts that prevent writers from doing routine writing tasks and producing quality content.

There is a slight difference between procrastination and writer’s block. A writer’s block is the writer’s inability to write due to some emotional baggage hindering their creative thought process. Procrastination is the delaying of a writing task; however, if some force urges the writer to do it anyway, they can produce fluent and quality content. Whereas blocked writers can not bring themselves to the desk to start the writing task.

Both procrastination and writer’s block greatly hinder the fluency of a writer’s content. It not only delays writing tasks, making writers race with deadlines but also negatively impacts an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing. It leads to an increase in laziness and lethargy, which results in an inactive and tired body. Furthermore, not meeting the deadlines and postponing work would cause an increase in stress and hypertension. Not meeting the deadlines and not writing also leads to anxiety and doubting one’s abilities and ultimately turns into depression. Lastly, all these problems badly affect the overall working ability and performance of a writer.

Procrastination can only be beneficial if managed in a way that it yields maximum advantage for a writer. For some people working under pressure is a roller coaster experience that delivers excellent results. Furthermore, a tight deadline directly increases the writer’s focus. They’re less distracted as it is a do or die situation. Another benefit is that if people have a tough time completing their tasks due to procrastination, they’ll make sure that they complete tasks timely.


Write It Already‘ by Susana is a complete guide to self-publishing one’s own book. The book motivates the readers to kill procrastination and finally write the book they have been planning to pen down for ages. However, just reading this book won’t make any writer’s work a bestseller in their region. It will help the writers overcome procrastination their biggest enemy and help determine their real goals. Furthermore, it will take them a step closer to achieving these goals in reality, not just in a mind map. The book tells its readers about all the factors that go into self-publishing their book on Amazon. Everything related to designing the cover, pricing, and marketing the book has been explained in detail.

The author Susana is a highly motivated entrepreneur who owned a successful, highly-reviewed cleaning company. She sold the business and self-published her first book in 2017. Susana firmly believes that everyone has a story to share and something valuable to teach to others; hence, everyone should write. She aims to help young and new writers achieve their dreams. Her first company started in 1998; a printing service serving small and medium-sized companies in Montevideo, Uruguay, helps her achieve this goal. ‘Write It Already’ can be purchased from Amazon through this link.

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