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What is Putin’s endgame now?

Bycbs editor

Apr 3, 2022

Just over 5 weeks into the strugglefare, and one element is obvious approximately how it’s going to give up – there may be no surrender.

“There may be a negotiated settlement, I suppose. however truely there is nevertheless plenty of preventing happening as every facet attempts to create situations that supply it greater leverage on the negotiating table,” stated former CIA director and commander of America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, retired Army General David Petraeus.

He says the Russians have already misplaced the strugglefare for Kyiv: “They will now no longer have the ability to perform what become possibly their fundamental goal from the outset, which become to topple the Zelensky authorities and update it with a pro-Russian authorities.”

CBS News country wide safety correspondent David Martin requested, “If the plan to take Kyiv has failed, has the decisive strugglefare of the strugglefare already been fought?”

“Only if Ukraine can save you every other decisive strugglefare from being fought once more,” Petraeus replied. “This will be pivotal withinside the experience that it is perilous for Ukraine.”

The peril now looms in Eastern Ukraine, in which Russia is reinforcing and concentrating its firepower in an try and encircle lots of Ukraine’s military. The final results of the vicious strugglefare for the metropolis of Mariupol will be the key.

Petraeus stated, “Mariupol has emerge as the Ukrainian Alamo, preventing to the ultimate defender, tying down tremendous range of Russian battalions and making them pay for actually each block that they may be taking. Once that does subsequently fall, as tragically it seems may be the case, to be able to loose up some of Russian forces.”

“If [Putin] have been to damage the Ukrainian military withinside the East, could then the relaxation of the u . s . be open to him?” Martin requested.

I do not suppose so,” he replied. “You’re preventing a whole nation. There may be limits to how a ways they could cross, and I do not anticipate that it’d cross greater than the center of the u . s .. They’d like to get to the very center.”

“Is it feasible the Ukrainians ought to keep out?”

“If they could get the extra weapons, ammo, motors and so forth, absolutely, no question,” stated Petraeus. “And of course, they’ve this incredible determination, fortitude, creativity, resourcefulness. They’re the whole lot the Russians are now no longer.”

President Zelensky, who has proved himself now no longer only a awesome communicator in leader however a savvy commander in leader, says the strugglefare is at a turning point.

Martin requested, “Would you assert it will take weeks or months for this to play out?”

“It will be weeks; it is able to be months, relying on how terrible the harm is,” stated Petraeus.

“You’re essentially describing a strugglefare of attrition?”

“There is a strugglefare of attrition it’s happening, and once more it is now no longer simply at the battlefield. It’s additionally to a point among what is occurring in Ukraine and what is occurring to Moscow and to the Russian economy, monetary system, and enterprise community.”

And a strugglefare among men, stated Petraeus: “Between Vladimir Putin, who can not appear to seem weak – he has to stay the strongman, infallible, unflappable, in control, the grasp of the whole lot; and President Zelensky, who’s main a rustic this is preventing for its very survival.”

U.S. officers say one in all them – Putin – isn’t always being informed the fact approximately what’s occurring at the battlefield.

“How does a strugglefare give up while the chief is not being informed the fact?” requested Martin.

“Well, the chief is not dumb,” Petraeus stated. “He has to apprehend the truth of what has happened.

They did now no longer gain what they got down to gain. Deep down, he realizes that he has plunged his u . s . right into a massive mistake, and has confirmed massive misjudgment.”

“Will he be sufficiently chastened in order that he would not strive some thing like this once more?”

“I do not know that he’s going to suppose that he is satisfactorily chastened,” Petraeus replied. “What he may be is satisfactorily – we hope – sufficiently weakened.”