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What do Chinchillas Like?

Bycbs editor

Apr 14, 2021

If you are thinking to bring a Chinchilla at home then do not think more and give it a try. Chinchillas are the most active, curious, and playful animals. They will never let you get bored. Although they are small and can easily enclose in the cage. It means they are easy to maintain and to keep as a pet.

While bringing a chinchilla at home the cage setup is a must to consider. You cannot leave your little pet alone to move anywhere freely. Buying a cage is also something that needs proper care because it is very important to understand what materials are safe for chinchilla cages.

The material, size, and quality of the cage are few factors worth considering before buying the cage for chinchillas. As the cage is home to chinchillas so it must be comfortable and ideal for the chinchillas to survive.

After finalizing the cage and the proper setup for the chinchilla it is now time to research the likes of your little pet. Although chinchillas love playing at the same time the knowledge of other likes and dislikes is also very important.

Chinchillas can be picky at times and can show tantrums to the owners if something is against their desire. So, few things that usually a chinchilla like are mentioned below.

1.    Dust Baths are Favorite

Chinchillas get super-excited when they see a dust bath. Chinchillas get a satisfactory feeling while playing with the sand. You can create a dust bath for your chinchilla at home, which all you need is a large, clean bowl and chinchilla’s dust.

Make sure to buy the dust specially designed for chinchillas. A small amount of chinchilla dust is enough for your pet to play. People usually think that playing in dust will make chinchillas get dirty. But the fact is playing in dust naturally cleanse chinchillas.

It is an amazing fact about chinchillas that they cleanse their fur while playing in the dust. Also, the dust will protect them to catch germs, insects, fleas and provide complete safety.

2.    They Love to Play with the Chew Toys

Another thing that a chinchilla likes to do is playing with chew toys. It is also good for chinchillas because their teeth grow continuously and constant chewing helps them exceed the growing limit. Avoid giving citrus fruit’s branches to chinchillas to play.

Always look for the safer options and prefer giving safe wood to chew. Willow, apple, and poplar branches are ideal for chinchillas to play with.

3.    Climbing, Jumping, and Exercise, they can do all Day

As already discussed, chinchillas are the most active animals, so they love playing a lot. Climbing, jumping, and exercise are what they can do all day. So, while setting up the cage for chinchilla considering these facts is very important.

Provide a proper space for the chinchilla in the cage to climb and jump. Also, a wheel for exercise will be a great compliment to the chinchillas. It will help your pet fulfill his desire to play and enjoy in the cage.

4.    They Love Root Veggies

Like other rodent pets, chinchillas like eating vegetables but keep that in mind, not all vegetables are good for your chinchilla. Some selective vegetables are good to keep them healthy. Root vegetables are ideal to feed your chinchilla.

Make sure to avoid over-feeding and give small amounts of diet. If you try to feed too much then it can be fatal for the health of your little pet. Also, you have to make sure that the vegetables you are feeding to chinchillas are easily digestible because improper digestion is a very common issue in chinchillas.

5.    Dried Fruits make the Best Treat

Besides vegetables, chinchillas also like sweet treats, which are in the form of fruits. Again, while feeding fruits make sure to only give them dried fruits. Avoid giving nuts and mixes because they are not good for chinchillas’ health.

Another important thing to keep in mind before giving sweet treats to chinchillas is to not feed excessive sugary fruits. Reduce the number of fruits to control the sugar level. As chinchillas can get easily sick after eating too much sugar.

To avoid improper digestion and to keep your pet in good health keep in mind these tips before feeding treats.


Chinchillas are curious and active, little pets that find happiness in small things. Before bringing a chinchilla at home it is important to understand the likes and dislikes of this pet. This pet can be picky in few things but once he finds something according to its desire, he loves it.

So, listed above are few prominent things that a chinchilla likes and loves playing with it. Keeping this pet at home means you have to take special care of these small things.



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