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Victor Breithaupt – Brazilian Rock Star Ready to Rock Again

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Nov 26, 2021

26th November, 2021 – Although the importance of music is everywhere in the world, but if we just focus on one part of the world called ‘Brazil’, it is laced with whopping importance among the people out there. The country has so far produced many musical talents among them is Victor Breithaupt who is from the city of São Manuel in the state São Paulo. The solo artist and a luminous musician, Victor always rocks with his music among his fans and music lovers.

Brazilian would love to listen various genres of music namely Brazilian pop, Sertanejo, Rock and Samba among others. The people of Brazil feel the importance of music in their lives and enjoys it to the fullest, this is the reason that the music and music celebrities are equally given mammoth respect. Music has the power to raise someone’s mood, excite the souls, and make the people calm and relaxed. It relates to our emotions as well. Whatever your mood is, the music has a role to play to chill you from tip to toe. Studies show that the music can mend the mood, and throw the depression out of people’s lives. It can also enhance the blood flow in ways quite similar to statins, lower stress related hormones such as cortisol and eventually can ease the pain.

About Victor Breithaupt, a Brazilian Rock Star

The talented singer Victor Breithaupt, born as Victor Breithaupt Jose, was born on 16th September 1987. He possesses numerous qualities related to music. This is the reason that he is not only a singer but also rock musician and a songwriter.

My passion for music was inside since childhood. If it is said that it was a born talent, it would not have been wrong at all, since the music is in veins of this rock star. He wanted to make it big in the music industry and wanted to see his name among the biggies of the world of music. He always dreamt to be a music celebrity with having big fan following. This enthusiasm took him to begin his musical journey at a tender young age – when other kids were playing, Victor was with his passion of music.

He spent around three years between the age of 14 to 17 very firmly listening to the giants of rock music such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Black Label Society, Angra, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Rolling Stones and to name a few. Although he was quite a shy guy, but he knew that he had to prove his mettle in music thus he overcame his shyness through his music.

Victor Breithaupt is famed for his song ‘Upon the Sands of Heaven’ (which is a homage to Andy Whitfield, a star of Spartacus, who died after a long fight against non-Hodgkinlymphoma).

His Connection with Music

He has a mammoth connection with rock and roll and grunge bands because he recorded songs from Seattle bands (like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mad Season and Mother Love Bone). Victor also recoded songs from rock and roll bands (Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin), punk rock bands (Misfits and Sex Pistols) and his very own song ‘Upon the Sands of Heaven’. He is now all set to make waves again with his fans.

Media Contact

Contact Person: Victor Breithaupt
Phone: +55 1499117-2900
Address:Marcelo Giorgi Street 487
City: São Manuel
State: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Website: https://go.victorbrei.com/breithaupt

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