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Ukrainian refugees arriving at U.S. border in Mexico: “Just desire… and pray”

Bycbs editor

Apr 5, 2022

Just one thousand ft from the U.S. border, and greater than 6,000 miles from domestic, Ukrainians fleeing strugglefare devour and sleep at the streets of Tijuana.

Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reviews Ukrainian refugees are arriving thru Mexico due to the fact they are able to reap a visa to tour to Mexico as tourists, after which make their manner to the San Ysidro port of entry.

Volunteers assisting them say approximately one hundred fifty Ukrainians an afternoon had been allowed to go into the U.S. on a humanitarian basis — and greater are coming.

As loads of Ukrainians accumulate in Mexico, many are ready at an encampment in Tijuana, south of San Diego. Anastasyia Petukh, whose dad and mom stayed behind, confirmed Bojorquez her domestic in Tijuana for the following few days – a tent – and the best possessions she should convey with her.

“You have desire that it’s going to get better [in the U.S.]?” he asked.

“Just desire, yeah. And pray.”

Others right here live at hotels, however come returned to test their quantity – assigned to them via way of means of Ukrainian-American volunteers – that decide while they are able to gift themselves to U.S. Border agents.

Veronika Sviatetska advised Bojorquez her quantity became 1,185.

The Tijuana encampment commenced on the final bus station earlier than achieving the U.S. border. Just days ago, there have been just a few dozen human beings right here, however it has grown exponentially. It’s now envisioned there are greater than 1,000 Ukrainians ready on this preferred area.

It’s the identical area wherein asylum-seekers, in large part from Latin America and the Caribbean, have formerly gathered, however maximum had been became away because of contemporary U.S. immigration policies.

At this shelter, they advised us they experience for the Ukrainians, however say they, too, are going through lifestyles and demise situations. Roxana Ruiz Ramirez, from Honduras, says gangs are threatening to kill her family. “Tambien nosotros tenemos necesidad” – “we want help, too,” she stated.

For now, greater Ukrainians are coming. Volunteers greet them at Tijuana’s airport, and a health clubnasium is being became a shelter.

Back on the border, a female named Mila, from Los Angeles, met her 17-year-vintage grandson, Anthony, who traveled on my own for nearly a month from Kyiv.

“God bless Ukraine,” stated Mila, hugging him. “God bless Mexico. And God bless America.”

She advised Bojorquez, “He’s very, very satisfied that he is right here in this land and, you know, may be reunited together along with his family.”

Russians also are arriving right here – approximately 800 in February, the month the strugglefare began. They say they do now no longer guide the strugglefare and are fleeing political persecution. But their instances are greater complicated, due to the fact the U.S. has now no longer created an legitimate exemption for asylum seekers from Russia.