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The most modern meatless meat is crafted from air

Bycbs editor

Apr 6, 2022

San Mateo, California — A California startup is doing its element to reduce down on greenhouse fueloline emissions through growing a brand new type of “meat” that is crafted from air.

CBS News turned into given an exceptional sneak top at a product that physicist Lisa Dyson says has the flavor and texture of meat, however does now no longer come from animals. It’s created the usage of a fermentation process, just like making yogurt. But in preference to the usage of microbes that eat milk and sugar, it is crafted from microbes that devour oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

How does it work?

“You start off with cultures,” Dyson, the founder and CEO of Air Protein, informed CBS News. “Then you feed it factors of the air and it grows and grows and grows similar to that yogurt culture. You dry that and also you get to a protein wealthy flour.”

The flour is processed to imitate chicken, seafood or beef.

“We can develop sufficient cloth to make a steak in a be counted of hours,” Dyson said.

The idea in the back of Air Protein turned into stimulated through NASA, which explored withinside the Sixties and 70s a manner to recycle carbon dioxide exhaled through astronauts and flip it into meals. Dyson is now the usage of the era to assist combat weather change.

“The meals enterprise these days produces extra greenhouse gases than the whole transportation sector. What’s going to show up whilst we’ve 10 billion people?” she said.

The innovation is the brand new withinside the opportunity meat market, that can reach $one hundred forty billion through the stop of the decade, in keeping with Barclays 2019 Annual Report. The enterprise has turn out to be extra aggressive as agencies try and enhance on flavor.

Air Chicken is predicted to hit shop cabinets someday subsequent year, pending approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

For now, we will should take Dyson at her phrase that it tastes like meat due to the fact simplest a small circle of people, such as investors, have attempted it.