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The 12 Microsoft Azure Certifications: Which Is Right For You And Your Team?

Bycbs editor

Apr 15, 2021

With cloud computing being one of the fastest-growing industries in the tech space, many people want to get into Azure certification. It is the perfect move for your career if you seek to get your foot into a niche market with many future implications unless you’re fully prepared.

There are 12 certifications in total; most of the certificates are role-based, which means you have to decide which avenue you want to venture into before applying.


The Microsoft Azure certification cost is about $165 to apply for, which means that you have to pay the amount regardless of you passing or failing the examination. It is the price per exam.


Below is the list of these 12 certifications, which will help you decide which one matches your requirements and suits your goals. So, let’s begin!


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Exam AZ-900


This Microsoft certification is a starting level certification for those who wish to acquire some basic Azure skills. It is specifically designed to validate any foundation knowledge you may have.


Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Exam AI-900


The AI fundamentals exam is for those who want a basis in AI and machine learning under cloud computing. It focuses heavily on AI workloads and considerations and the principles of most AI programming.


Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals: Exam DP-900


To get this Microsoft Azure certification, the candidate should have a basic understanding of the difference between relational and non-relational data. The certificate is mostly about how to implement data differently into the Azure architecture with success.


Azure Administrator Associate: Exam AZ-104


The Administrator certification is one step up from the fundamental certificate. It shows that you are not new to Azure architecture, and you have sound knowledge of what you are doing. This Microsoft cloud certification is perfect for those that want to become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who implement cloud infrastructure.


Microsoft Azure Developer Associate: Exam AZ-204


Candidates familiar with data storage and connections, monitoring, debugging, and performance tuning should go for this certification.


Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate: Exam AZ-500


This Microsoft Azure certification is for those candidates who wish to manage and implement security controls and access management. As a security engineer, your job would be to secure cloud data, networks and apps on your mainframe.


Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate: Exam AI-100


It is perfect for candidates who wish to specialise in speech, natural language processing, bots and computer vision using tools and techniques like cognitive services, knowledge mining and machine learning. If you wish to get this certification, you will have to learn how to analyse requirements.


Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate: Exam DP-100


This certification is explicitly meant for learning how to design and apply data science solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. Here, you will learn how to deploy models solely to solve business problems.


Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate: Exam DP-300


It is a challenging certification, and most candidates opt for Azure certification training services. The services focus mainly on administering cloud-based database systems.


Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate: Exams DP-200 And DP 201


Becoming a Data Engineer in Azure requires you to pass two different examinations to get certified. The first focuses on implementing data solutions, and the second on designing data solutions.


Azure Certified Solutions Architect: Exam AZ-303 And AZ-304


These Azure certifications are for those that want to implement storage, networking and security on cloud resources. To become a certified architect, you will have to pass two different examinations. The first is Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303, and the second is Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304.


Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert: Exam AZ-400


Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert is the last one in this list of Microsoft Azure certifications and is the highest validation here you can receive as a cloud engineer. This certification emphasises improving communications and collaboration, designing and implementing strategies for app coding and monitoring feedback, among many other functions.


You need an administrator or a developer certification to become a DevOps Engineer.




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