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Tetesol Pet Wipes to Clean and Make Pets Completely Fresh

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May 31, 2022

25th May, 2022 – Pet Wipes are usually called ‘Dog Wipes’. They are specifically designed to use for your furry friends, and remember, they are not used for human babies. Pet Wipes are disposable cleaning clothes which are used to clean the pets when they spend time outside. You can clean their paws so that your home and furniture can be dirt-free.

Dog Wipes are pretty much safe to use, as they are specially formulated to be used on animals. As long as these wipes are used according to directions, they are utterly safe for your dogs or pets.

Tetesol Dog Wipes

Tetestol Dog Wipes can be used for both dogs and cats. They are called the all-purpose cleaning pet wipes. They are used to clean your dogs completely like their ears, body, eyes and paws. These pet wipes are easy to use and quickly fresh-up your dogs.

Tetesol – Pet Grooming Wipes

With Tetesol’s Wipes, keeping your pet clean is quite easy. These grooming wipes are undoubtedly the perfect choice for routine cleaning of your dogs and cats.  Make them neat and clean and above all make them look fresh all the time by using Tetesol’s Pet Grooming Wipes.

Hypoallergenic Formula with All-Natural Ingredients

These pet wipes contain hypoallergenic formula which contains all natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Aloe and skin conditioners to keep your pet’s coat healthier and shinier. The enzymatic deodorizer found in the wipes eliminates the unpleasant odors between bath time. 


– 100 pieces pack of Teteslo’s Pet Wipes can safely, quickly and easily wipe away all the dirt and odors. The wipes leave the dogs smell fresh and make them refreshed. The soft wipes are mild and durable.

– They are of higher quality, thick and soft non-woven fabrics, which provide your pet with a soft touch.

– They are designed for multi-use. There is no need of water or rinsing requirement. These pet wipes are safe and can be used for daily use. Also it is an travel essentials for your road trip with your pets. 

– The dog cleaning wipes may be used for tears, paws, bum, nose, ear and complete body.

– They are apt for cleaning between baths, traveling or when there is no water available.

– Pet wipes are available in portable packing which you can easily carry. The packing can keep the wet wipes utterly moist even after being opened for a long time.

– Available in various packs such as 2 pack, 4 pack and 6 pack.

Always make your dog clean and fresh with Tetesol’s Pet Wipes

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