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Taliban denies Afghan ladies solo air journey, segregates parks via way of means of intercourse and sends domestic guys with quick beards

Bycbs editor

Mar 30, 2022

The Taliban rulers of Afghanistan maintain to chip away on the freedoms the us of a knew for 2 decades, dragging Afghans lower back below their draconian model of Islamic sharia regulation and defiantly distancing their regime from the global network withinside the process. The today’s moves — each respectable and unofficial — consist of regulations on ladies traveling, guys’s grooming, and get right of entry to to global media or even public parks.

No solo flights for ladies
The Taliban have ordered airways to prevent ladies from flying with out a male relative.

Employees of each an airline and a journey business enterprise informed CBS News the order changed into exceeded right all the way down to airline officers this week, aleven though a spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Promotion of Vice and Virtue, Akif Muhajer, denied one of these order.

In December, the ministry banned ladies making any adventure of over forty five miles with out a male chaperone.

“A lady booked to fly on a home flight changed into stopped from boarding and overlooked her flight. She got here for a refund. She changed into crying, [saying she] had no male member in her family,” stated the journey agent.

Many Afghan households misplaced male individuals throughout the two decades of conflict that commenced with the U.S. invasion to topple the Taliban regime in 2001. When that conflict ended, many different guys fled Afghanistan fearing reprisal assaults from the Taliban, leaving ladies by myself to elevate households, and making their freedom of motion even extra critical.

Grow your beard or lose your job
On Sunday, the Taliban refused to permit personnel of numerous authorities ministries file for paintings due to the fact that they’d trimmed their beards or had been now no longer sporting garb deemed suitable below the rulers’ interpretation of Islamic regulation.

Muhajer, the Ministry of Promotion of Vice and Virtue spokesman, showed the crackdown on authorities workers’ look and stated a letter changed into despatched to all personnel a month in the past ordering guys to put on a complete beard and ladies to put on a hijab, or veil.

“Employees of the Ministry of Promotion of Vice and Virtue ombudsmen went to a few departments following the order. Still a few personnel did now no longer take note of the guidance and had been stopped for advising,” Muhajer stated on Sunday.

Muhammad Sheer, who works for the Afghan authorities in Kabul, changed into amongst the ones became lower back from his workplace for having trimmed his beard.

“The Promotion of Vice and Virtue humans stopped us for more than one hours and warned us which you have to include a protracted beard subsequent time, or threat dropping your job,” he informed CBS News.

Sex-segregated parks
In some other draconian order, the Taliban introduced on Sunday that each one parks withinside the us of a could be segregated via way of means of intercourse.

A letter from the Taliban ministry of Promotion of Vice and Virtue stated ladies could be accredited to go to public parks on 3 days each week, and guys the alternative 4 days, together with unarmed Taliban individuals.

The order way households and couples will not be allowed to wait parks together.

Blocking get right of entry to to news
The U.S. State Department stated in a announcement on Monday that the Taliban changed into blocking off Afghans’ get right of entry to to numerous important media stores funded fully or in part via way of means of Western governments.

The announcement stated the U.S. had referred to with “alarm and deep concern” that the Taliban changed into refusing home distribution of proclaims via way of means of the Voice of America, the BBC and Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW).

Those stores “stated that their neighborhood broadcasting companions had been avoided from airing their programming withinside the us of a because of new, restrictive, and unpublished pointers from the Taliban,” the State Department stated.

Not residing as much as “critical commitments”
The today’s regulations display the Taliban transferring methodically lower back to the regulations it espoused throughout the 1990s. They come much less than every week after the us of a’s rulers left college students in tears with a last-minute statement that Afghanistan’s colleges could stay closed to ladies in grade six and above.

The Taliban signed a address the US in 2020 paving the manner for an entire withdrawal of American infantrymen from Afghanistan, finishing the longest conflict in U.S. records and paving the manner for the Islamic extremist institution to reclaim electricity throughout the us of a.

Since the Taliban retook Kabul and have become Afghanistan’s de-facto authorities once more simply seven months in the past, representatives of the institution have traveled to many overseas capitals hoping to benefit diplomatic recognition.

But the U.S. State Department stated the consistent crackdown on fundamental freedoms withinside the us of a made it “clean the Taliban aren’t residing as much as the critical commitments they made to the Afghan humans and the global network.”

“Education and freedom of expression are human rights held via way of means of everybody in Afghanistan. These aren’t Western values or concessions to the global network; they may be human rights and critical to a non violent and wealthy Afghan society, that’s some thing the Taliban declare to desire,” the announcement stated. “We urge the Taliban to give up those infringements at the rights of Afghans, and we maintain to face with the Afghan humans.”