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Shockwave Torch- A sophisticated Design for Excellent Defence

Bycbs editor

Aug 6, 2021

What is a shockwave torch?

Shockwave Torch is a lightweight, practical and waterproof flashlight that will blind anyone for a while who is flashed the torch. It’s too bright that it is said to have blown your eyes. Glare in the eyes of the abuser can cause permanent and temporary damage to the eye socket. You can see everything in the dark. You will find that the attackers are eliminated. It is a perfect multi-feature integrated single weapon defense against any unfortunate situation.

How does shockwave torch work?

Shockwave torch employs two types of defense mechanisms in its working. These two types are-

  • Shockwave torch integrated with the stun gun to paralyze the attacker.
  • Shockwave torch as a weapon itself.

When you press the toggle on the button, the Shockwave torch generates electric charges using the ultra-strong LED bulb that flash that bright light.

Features of shockwave torch-

  • Lightweight and compact making it convenient to use and portable.
  • Aluminum body providing durability and safety from charges.
  • Powerful weapon against the attacker that is even used by the marines.
  • Safety installed, thus making its use secure and convenient.
  • Shockwave torch flashes light which is a thousand times brighter than an ordinary flashlight such that it blinds the attacker.

Benefits of shockwave torch-

  • It is the perfect compact defense for women who travel alone or live alone.
  • A person can use a shockwave torch to defend themselves irrespective of gender or age.
  • Used by marines as a tactical weapon.
  • It comes at sustainable prices, thus making it affordable for the masses.

It still needs to be carefully handled as much of a beneficial and secured defense weapon shockwave torch. Keep this out of children’s reach as it can cause some permanent visual damage. Shockwave torch is the best tool to carry to feel safe and bold in any place.

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