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Shielden – The Market Leader for EDC Knives

Bycbs editor

Apr 2, 2022

Apr 1, 2022 – Whether you are seeking for an EDC Pocket Knife, EDC Knives or Pocket Knives, Shieldon meets all your requirements. You can get pocket knife wholesale rates from the company, or even for any knife they manufacture. The customer care and the sale team at Shieldon are always on toe to help the people approach to them. Customer satisfaction is what treated very high at Shieldon.

Pocket Knife EDC product is quite in use, and highly demanded across the globe. Shieldon has an attractive variety for the same. There is a large variety of various kinds of knives available to help the customers choose the best.

EDC Knives are among the best and massively sold items of Shieldon brand. They are not only practical, but also of good workmanship.

About Shieldon

The company is known the market leader in knives manufacturing due to its quality, durable, economical and large variety they offer to the customers. They are professional manufacturer of custom-made pocket knives, multi-functional tools, and pragmatic outdoor gear intended for delivering a seamless buying experience. They are called the outdoor knife businesses since 1998.

Guangdong Shieldon Technology Co. Ltd is a subsidiary corporation of DKS that was launched in 1998. It delivers pocket knives, multi-tools and a lot more in the competitive international market. The company largely focuses on designing, manufacturing, and supplying its products such as pocket knives and multi-purpose tools (for outdoor and everyday use) to global market. Shieldon is an ISO Certified company.

The Company Laced with Technical Proficiency

With more than 23 years of experience in hands, the company deeply understand the changing market trends and is familiar to the progressions in manufacturing techniques. Shieldon is equipped with 27000 m² production facility houses the latest equipment in the market, this allows the company to create outstanding knives and multi-tools which exceeds international standards.

Customization Options

Shielden is popular for customization options. It holds mastery in manufacturing custom pocket knife, fixed blade knives, multi-tools and a lot more with its exceptional OEM and ODM capabilities.

A Dedicated Manufacturer

Since its inception, the company has been quite dedicated and committed to manufacturing excellent knives. Each artisan within the facility of Shielden loves and enjoys doing work. The company achieve this mammoth success through established manufacturing protocols and incessant teamwork throughout all the years so far.

Clients at Top Priority

The company puts its clients always at the top. They are treated with supreme care. The team meets all of clients’ needs and demands with efficiency and affordability. Shieldon has access to the best materials in the market by selecting the reputed material suppliers for its projects.

Shielden has turned into a big market leader due to its commitment, dedication, quality, customer care and affordability. The company very skillfully meets the demands and needs of the customers with customization solutions.

The team is all the time happy to assist the customers.

Social Media Details:

Facekook – https://www.facebook.com/ShieldonCutlery

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Shieldonknives1/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shieldon_knives_and_tools/

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Dz–HODWHFY4AaUF0z11Q

Media Contact
Company Name: Shieldon
Phone: 86-662-8663613
Address:No. 204 Dongfeng Road, Yangjiang, Guangdong Province
Country: China
Website: https://www.shieldon.net/pocket-knife/