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Shabam’s Latest Song ‘Sleepless Nights’ Released by Bentley Records

Bycbs editor

Mar 17, 2022

15th March, 2022 – Canadian music label ‘Bentley Records’ is behind the success of many musicians. The label has produced a number of successful music artists, and today is among the best music companies of Canada. The latest artist on Bentley Records’ platform is Shabam whom the company has been promoting. Shabam, the newbie in music fraternity, is all set to entice the music fans.

About the Artist

Originally from India (the land widely famous for producing world renowned talents particularly in the field of entertainment and music), Shabam has been in Los Angeles for last 3 years or so. Life has not been easy for the artist, as he struggled to reach the destination where he is standing today. He thoroughly followed the advices of his parents during all of his struggling days, and because of them he succeeded in life and career.

Shabam’s music involves attention fetching piano notes, powerful strings, strong bass lines and catchy vocal melody.

Musical Growth

Shabam is a born musician. This is because he always had a good ear for music. He started singing very early in his life. He was merely 3 when he sang for the first time. His parents told him that he used to watch movies and imitate the actors. Singing came to him naturally. By the passage of time, when Shabam started growing, he realized his hidden musical skills. Thus, he began polishing up his music dexterity. Shabam is a trained Indian classical music artist, and he always tries to mix elements of Indian classical to his singing which add values to his renditions making them unique and spongy to hear.

By the time he was in 6th grade, he started developing acquaintance with English songs. The passion and liking began developing for these songs in a manner that he decided to excel in this field of singing and writing English songs.


Talking about the names who inspired him to go ahead in music career, it was his father who was also a singer but could not turn out to be a professional vocalist due to circumstances. Besides, the big names of music industry such as Freedie Mercury, Prince, Simon & Garfunkel, Yebba, Tori Kelly, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Paolo Nutini, Adele and many others turned out to be his inspirations in music abode.

Shabam wants to collaborate with Jason Mraz to produce some alluring and heart-warming music for the listeners.

Moment That Took Him to Cloud Nine

Well, when his debut song released in October last year, Shabam was on cloud nine with utmost pleasures that he hardly can describe in words. The success of the song helped him do more in music field.

New Release           

Shabam’s latest release is ‘Sleepless Nights’ that came out a week back. It was released by Bentley Records. He himself wrote the lyrics for this track last year thinking about two characters. Although apparently the song could sound emotional to the listeners, but it actually talks about ‘hope’.

Shabam is gearing up to rule the music scene soon.

Media Contact
Company Name: BentleyRecords
Contact Person: Shabam’s
City: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Website: https://bentleyrecords.io/