• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022


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President Biden warns Vladimir Putin now no longer to apply nuclear weapons: “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.”

The Biden management has introduced another $six hundred million in navy resource to assist the Ukrainian navy hold momentum in opposition to Russia. In an interview for this Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” Scott Pelley spoke with President Biden approximately Ukraine’s latest battlefield success — and the risks that would bring.

“As Ukraine succeeds at the battlefield, Vladimir Putin is turning into embarrassed and driven right into a corner,” Pelley stated to President Biden. “And I wonder, Mr. President, what you’ll say to him if he’s thinking about the use of chemical or tactical nuclear weapons.”

“Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. You will alternate the face of strugglefare in contrast to whatever due to the fact World War II,” Mr. Biden stated.

When Pelley requested what the results could be if Putin crossed that line, the president would not say.

“You suppose I could let you know if I knew precisely what it might be? Of course, I’m now no longer gonna let you know. It’ll be consequential,” Mr. Biden stated. “They’ll come to be greater of a pariah withinside the international than they ever have been. And relying at the volume of what they do will decide what reaction could occur.”

President Biden and Pelley spoke on the White House, discussing a number of problems past the strugglefare in Ukraine, inclusive of the financial system and the imminent midterm elections.

Mr. Biden additionally advised Pelley approximately his efforts to forestall a countrywide railroad strike. Thursday, the president introduced a tentative deal have been reached among the railroads and rail workers’ unions after 20 hours of negotiations on the U.S. Department of Labor.

“We introduced commercial enterprise and hard work together,” the president advised Pelley. “One of the matters that occurs in negotiations, specially if they have got been elongated like those have, is humans say and do matters wherein the pleasure receives engaged as well. And it is lousy difficult to backpedal of a number of those matters. So, what we did changed into simply say, ‘Look, let’s take a look. Let’s check what is happening.’ You have a good buy being made for hard work. Their income’s gonna pass up 24% over the following 5 years. They’ve labored out the fitness care piece, they labored out days off. They each sat down, in my view, and that they have been withinside the workplace nowadays saying, ‘Well, we ultimately figured it out. This is honest on each sides.’ And it took that point to focus.”

“The opportunity changed into simply now no longer thinkable,” Mr. Biden continued. “If, in fact, that they had long gone on a strike, the deliver chains on this united states of america could’ve come to a screeching halt. We could’ve visible a actual monetary crisis.”

The interview is Mr. Biden’s first sit-down with 60 Minutes due to the fact being elected president. 60 Minutes cameras have been additionally with the president on Wednesday as he toured the Detroit Auto Show.

“60 Minutes” premieres its fifty fifth season, Sunday night time on CBS at 7:30 p.m. ET and seven p.m. PT.