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Petsi Box: The Ultimate Monthly Pet Box

Bycbs editor

Jul 29, 2022

Who says a pet subscription service only offers treats and toys? For fur parents, there’s one box for pets that they should subscribe to, and that’s the Petsi Box

For only $49.99 per month, fur babies will get all natural treats, top quality toys, and either pet care essentials or nutritional drinks and toppers. Petsi Box also offers special promo codes for pet health services, making it the ultimate choice for pet subscription. 

Petsi Box comes in two main types: the Classic Petsi Box ($49.99) which includes 3 all natural treats, 2 high quality toys, and either pet care essentials or nutritional drinks and toppers, along with access to pet services; and the Plant-Based Petsi Box ($49.99), the first box catered for dogs with plant-based diets which contains 3 plant-based treats, 2 high quality toys, and either pet care essentials or plant-based nutritional drinks and toppers. The contents can also be customized according to the dog’s specific needs for the same price with the Custom Petsi Box. Lastly, Petsi Boxes can also be purchased as a gift for other pets through Give a Gift Petsi Box ($49.99).

Every Petsi Box contains a variety of flavorful treats and toys suited for pets with strong or soft chew levels so your pet never gets bored. Petsi Box partners with brands who share their values of being eco-friendly, fight carbon paw print, have sustainable impact, and practice humane processes, making them unique compared to other pet boxes. 

Along with the products, every Petsi Box provides access to services that offer the highest quality of health plans and safety for pets with their renowned partners Eusoh and PetHub.

Petsi Box also gives back, for every box ordered you have the personal choice for them to donate to your favorite local animal shelter or rescue. They also plant a tree around the world for every box ordered through their partners at Evertreen. 

With that said, there is no reason not to get the best for your pet and help the planet for a $44.99 subscription!

The Petsi Box can be purchased by signing up and subscribing on their official website at www.petsibox.com. They can also be contacted through email at [email protected], and their official LinkedIn and social media accounts.


Petsi Box is a monthly subscription service created to provide the best quality for your pet needs. Founded by Ali Mojaddedi and Abdullah Mojaddedi in the San Francisco Bay Area. Petsi Box aims to take pet subscription boxes to a whole new level by providing the best quality treats, toys, and either pet care essentials or nutritional drinks and toppers, along with the healthcare and safety services that every dog deserves.

Petsi Box gives back, every subscription box purchased will help promote environmental growth and sustainability by planting a tree around the world and fighting global poverty. With every Petsi Box purchased, a donation will be sent to your personal favorite local animal shelter and rescue. The world didn’t need another pet box, it needed the ultimate one!

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Company Name: Petsi Box
Contact Person: Abdullah Mojaddedi
Phone: 5107250921
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: https://petsibox.com/