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Oklahoma mother is going viral on TikTok for engaging in faculty taking pictures drills with 5-year-antique son: “I desire that it wasn’t necessary”

Bycbs editor

Aug 17, 2022

An Oklahoma mother went viral on TikTok after posting a video which confirmed her going over energetic shooter drills together along with her 5-year-antique son as he prepares to visit faculty.

The TikTok video – which has over a million likes – indicates Cassie Walton, a 22-year-antique mom of in McAlester, Oklahoma, gambling out a faculty taking pictures drill together along with her son Weston. In the video, she asks him what he could do if he heard the main announce a taking pictures over the intercom.

The video indicates her son crouching in a nook of his bedroom, demonstrating how he could cover in his lecture room and use his bulletproof Spider-Man backpack as a defend to defend him from bullets, to which Walton says, “appropriate job.”

She additionally tells her son that if a shooter is withinside the lecture room, and the law enforcement officials are outdoor the door asking if anybody is inside, he must now no longer respond, and as an alternative desires to “live clearly silent.” She tells her son if he’s capable of escape, he desires to run as some distance farfar from the faculty as possible.

Walton instructed CBS News Tuesday that it become critical for her to provide her son that lesson “simply in case.” She stated she become afraid that the drills may want to probably scare him from going to faculty, however that he ended up taking them seriously.

“Whenever I become filming the video, I become pushing again all the tears, looking to get all of that out, and he is very smart, and he took in all the statistics very well, and he wasn’t terrified of the drill, he knew it become a severe situation,” Walton stated. “But, you know, as a 5-year-antique, he become involved approximately the horrific guys, and him being five, he become simply like, ‘I’ll simply karate chop him if I want to.’ And I become like, ‘No, now no longer quite, its a bit greater severe than that.’ Then, after that, he become capable of take it a bit greater severe.”

Walton instructed CBS News she become amazed at how a good deal interest her video received. She stated she become stimulated to buy the $a hundred and forty bulletproof backpack insert after looking every other mom put up approximately it online.

“Honestly, in relation to protective your children, no amount of cash is just too a good deal,” Walton stated. “I desire that it wasn’t necessary, and I desire we may want to provide you with a higher solution.”