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Mushroom Maven Sierra Riddle, Founder of Landon’s Health Hut, Offers Natural Alternatives to Conventional Treatments

Bycbs editor

Jun 25, 2022

LAS VEGAS, USA, June 21, 2022 – Sierra Riddle knows first-hand the power of CBD, THC & Psychedelics. In 2012 when chemotherapy & radiation failed to help her 2-year-old son, Landon, who was suffering from Terminal Leukemia, she turned to nature for answers. And when traditional Mental Health medicine failed HER and her best friend Maritza, she turned to Psychedelics. The founder of Landon’s Health Hut, launched in 2014, and Mushroom Mavens, established in 2021, Sierra is a thriving face within the cannabis industry, an Expert RSO/FECO/Cannabis Oil maker. Today, she is on a mission to share the benefits of these plant-based medicines with as many people as possible alongside her best friend, Maritza.

Her company,Landon’s Health Hut, has been at the forefront of producing the natural, organic & high potency CBD health products & rso/feco/cannabis oil that evolved right from her organic mind, hands & kitchen. The products result from a mother’s desperate search to heal her son. Years of research and Sierras’ intense efforts brought about effective products in the market that work towards natural healing. Landon’s Health Hut was developed as a response to CBD & THCs medicinal benefits on Landon Riddle and the tremendous progress of cannabis and hemp for Cancer Treatments.

While the company is thriving ceaselessly, it was started in the quest to find alternatives to conventional medicines and treatments for Cancer for a child who was dying. The calming effects and remarkable progress on Landon’s Cancer & overall Health led Sierra to develop a line of all-natural, full-spectrum CBD products for every kid going through the same complexities, available in all 50 states.

As a concerned mom of a two-year-old sick child who was undergoing barbaric & outdated treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia, the #1 diagnosed Pediatric Cancer in America; Sierra was relentless in researching various natural therapies and alternatives to contribute to her son’s deteriorating health & to bring about awareness on Pediatric Cannabis Therapies for fellow Cancer Families. Her efforts led her to discover the incredible benefits of cannabis and hemp & to mount a Nationwide Assault on the lies surrounding Children using Cannabis. For her efforts, Sierra was reported & investigated by Child Protective Services 12 times; she won each case.

CBD has been a revelation in the health industry with its potential to cure various ailments without any side effects or unwanted highs. CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp plants that provides natural relief for various issues like anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, and much more. THC is another compound found in the same plant & has many incredible benefits for severe pain, appetite control, cancer cell death, an increase in quality of life, elevated moods, and more. Still, unlike CBD, it does have what some call side effects. We call them the munchies & a good giggle & nap.

Sierra says, “CBD & THC oil has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, but it’s only recently that it has gained popularity as a health and wellness supplement. As I witnessed the soothing and positive effects of natural cannabis ingredients on my son’s health, I promised not to go back to harsh pharmaceutical medicines anymore. That’s when I realized how I can educate people about the potential health benefits of CBD & THC and help them find the right treatments for them or their children.”

The company has successfully innovated and brought new products to the market. While they continue to lead the way, Sierra says, “Our goal is to provide people with safe and effective products that they can trust. We want to help people live healthier lives, and we believe CBD & THC can play a role in that.”

“I’ve never been happier to see the progress of my son’s health. He will celebrate 10 YEARS of Cancer Free in November! What I truly love about cannabis is that it is a plant-based natural medication, and it has such incredible applications in the wellness and medicine industry without ANY harmful effects, & we can quite literally grow it ourselves! ” says Sierra.

As the Cannabis industry grows, Landon’s Health Hut strives to reach people extensively to elucidate the soothing effects of natural medicine. Beyond promoting natural treatments, the company is deeply committed to its philanthropic endeavors. It has been allocating 10% of every sale to CannaMommy, a Colorado Non-Profit, aiding struggling families since 2014 and donating massive amounts of RSO to families in need in this year’s first quarter; they gave away 1,180 grams of RSO!! WOW!

Recently, Sierra and best friend/business partner Maritza Bermudez established another plant-based company, Mushroom Mavens, which has captivated vast audiences with their Psychedelic Education, Group Meets, & safe access to psychedelics through their Exclusive community & members-only group. As well as capturing sustainable online shoppers through its mushroom clothing options & décor. The duo has further plans to innovate and bring Mushroom products for Mental Health & overall health & wellness to the market. The ladies at Mushroom Mavens also work extensively with local and national organizations focused on providing education and advocating for psychedelic policy reform, such as Decriminalize Nature NV, The Sierra Psychedelic Society, & the Las Vegas Psychedelic Society.

Come & Meet Sierra, Landon & Maritza at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Show & Music Festival on July 10th @Area15 & See us at Champs Las Vegas on July 26-29 in the Mycelium Section!!

Landons Health Hut is a Las Vegas & Southern Oregon-based CBD company specializing in developing natural and organic health products. The company was founded by Sierra Riddle, who is on a mission to share the benefits of CBD with as many people as possible. Their products derive from deeply researched formulas and pride themselves in their natural and organic ingredients. For more information, visit www.cbdforall.org.

Mushroom Mavens offers a variety of mushroom-centric clothing, jewelry, home décor options, and an Exclusive Members only club. For more information, visit www.mushmavens.com. Follow them on Instagram @mushroommavens.