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Migrants bused to New York and D.C. stuck in political battle

Bycbs editor

Aug 11, 2022

As almost a hundred migrants arrived in New York City from Texas on Wednesday morning, they stepped off buses and right into a political firestorm.

Since April, extra than 6,six hundred asylum seekers already processed and launched with the aid of using the Department of Homeland Security had been despatched with the aid of using Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Washington, D.C., and New York City. At least one hundred seventy buses wearing migrants have left Texas to date.

The mayors of these towns are calling the circulate inhumane as they each ask the federal authorities for assist.

“There’s not anything a hit approximately treating human beings with this loss of dignity,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated Tuesday.

With extra buses in all likelihood coming, the town has opened eleven extra shelters to assist residence them.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser referred to as it a “developing humanitarian disaster that we expect, that the federal authorities expects is simplest going to worsen.”

Asylum seekers have lengthy traveled outdoor Texas after arriving withinside the U.S. But Abbott says he is now sending migrants extra than 2,000 miles away, in part, to protest President Biden’s immigration policies.

“We’re complete withinside the nation of Texas, our groups are overrun,” Abbott stated in advance this month.

Critics have referred to as it a political stunt, with migrant households stuck withinside the middle. One attorney assisting migrants informed CBS News that now no longer absolutely each person desired to emerge as in New York.

Johana, who’s simplest being diagnosed with the aid of using her first call to guard her identity, left Venezuela together along with her youngsters and is in search of asylum. She’s being helped with the aid of using Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, which has to date helped a hundred and ten adults and extra than forty youngsters.

“Everything we persevered at some point of the journey, the sadness, the pain, the fear, and being right here proper now, I experience the sacrifice become really well worth it,” she informed CBS News.

Jonny, a 38-year-antique migrant from Venezuela additionally being diagnosed simplest with the aid of using his first call, stated he become worn-out and confused at some point of his trip, however got here to the U.S. to offer a higher destiny for his youngsters.

“I determined to return back right here to offer a higher destiny for my youngsters and my own circle of relatives due to the fact we do not have that during Venezuela,” he stated.