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Maud Medical Clinic is introducing easy accessibility to woman’s health care and education

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Sep 18, 2022

Calgary, Canada – Maud Medical Clinic’s founder recently announced her plans to increase the accessibility of woman’s healthcare services for all. Maria Wu, CEO, and founder of Maud Medical Clinic said in a press release that the clinic will offer evidence-based healthcare and education to help individuals advocate for their own health.

“Maud Medical Clinic believes that knowledge is power, and it is through the acquisition of knowledge that we are empowered to advocate for our own health and our own bodies,” Wu said in the press release. “Maud Medical Clinic offers evidence-based healthcare and education. Our clinic is a community that encourages equitable health and access to medical services.”

Maud Medical Clinic offers a variety of medical services including birth control, pelvic floor physiotherapy, fertility acupuncture, incontinence care, and gynaecological health education. The clinic also provides resources on a range of topics related to woman’s health, such as fertility, STDs, hormones and menopause.

Maud was started when Wu experienced the overlooked health issues that women were facing at large. “I was doing my own research and I just couldn’t find anything,” Wu said “There were limited resources and no one to talk to.”

Wu says that with the recent changes to provincial fee structures for physicians, timely access and quality care have become even more difficult. “We want to make sure that everyone has somewhere to go where they feel comfortable and safe to discuss freely about their bodies,” Wu said.

The clinic has expanded its reach with an aim to elucidate the importance of pelvic health. “We are so excited to be able to offer these services to the community,” Wu said. “It is our hope that by increasing access to care and education, we can build our Canadian healthcare system to help our women, mothers, daughters and grandchildren live healthier, more empowered lives.”

The clinic’s retail section has educational materials as well as a variety of intimate-health related items such as dilators and congratulatory cards during your first period. Her focus on empowerment has led her to sell vibrators in the clinic. “It’s for your own knowledge,” Wu says. “learn to explore your body and love yourself.”

Maria’s goal is to make Maud Medical Clinic the “go-to” spot for woman’s health. With its location and publicly funded services, Maud is laying out plans to become just that.

About Maria Wu

Maria Wu is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for equitable healthcare. She is the founder and CEO of MAUD Medical Clinic, which offers pelvic and gynaecological healthcare services for all. Though she is involved in a variety of medical clinics in Calgary, Canada, MAUD is her passion project where she aims to elucidate to everyone the importance of equitable health.  Maria is a strong believer that knowledge is power and runs her clinic on a vision that it is through access to knowledge that people can gain the power to choose the best for their own health. 

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