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Linda Hayles Launches The First Ever Hispanic Woman-Owned Business Development Firm

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Oct 10, 2020

October 7, 2020 – Linda Hayles has proudly announced that she has recently launched the first Hispanic Woman-Owned Personal and Business Development Firm. The Texas-based American entrepreneur from Puerto Rico has named this firm ‘Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide’. Moreover, Linda has launched this remarkable new firm as a movement for women, where women get to ‘Transform With Linda’ and change the world through the power of business. Linda is getting a phenomenal response and appreciation for creating this firm, and this announcement is being welcomed by everyone, especially the Hispanic Women and Women Of Color in the US and worldwide.

“Here at Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide, we take great pride in helping results-driven women entrepreneurs get clients, make profits, and master the art of sales in order to make an impact in the world while growing their business,” said Linda Hayles, while announcing the launch of her new firm. “Women come to me when they want to master the art of sales and quickly grow their income to 6 figures and beyond. We will help them achieve their goals and dreams of financial freedom,” she added. According to Linda, her mission is to help women obtain financial independence because when women make their own money they change the course of their family’s lives. They break generational cycles of ‘just enough’, mediocrity, poverty, and make all their dreams come true.

With a goal-oriented approach of business growth, transformational mindset, and financial freedom for women, this inspiring initiative by Linda will contribute towards changing women’s lives around the world. Moreover, Linda’s own inspirational journey from the lowest points after divorce to the peaks of success is an example for everyone around her. From her own personal experience, Linda knows divorce is the most common reason for women living in poverty in the US, and she has the blueprint for them to rise above and beyond it. Being a renowned high-performance sales and business coach, Linda is also a TEDx Speaker and a published author.

“If I went from homeless, single Hispanic mom, with a GED at the age of 36 to graduating college with a Psychology degree at 40, becoming an International TEDx Speaker, a published author, entrepreneur and high-performance mindset and business coach, you too can rise above it and intentionally create the dream life you want to live. In one word, what I get my clients is RESULTS,” said Linda Hayles, the CEO of Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide, while sharing her own journey to success. When she is not changing lives, facilitating a seminar, or doing consulting work, she can be found posting car karaoke videos on her social media stories or working out.

To read Linda’s book on Amazon, please click the link below: https://amzn.to/3chLpuG

To find out more, please visit the website at https://www.lindahayles.com/

Media Contact

Company Name: Unlimited Success Consulting Worldwide
Contact Person: Linda Hayles, CEO
Phone: +1 (407) 432-8033
Address: PO BOX 5641, Katy
City: Houston
State: Texas 77491
Country: United States
Website: https://www.lindahayles.com/

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