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Life Coach Bill Wilder unveils how to conquer anxiety and finally feel alive

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Jan 9, 2021

Bill Wilder was inspired to branch away from his 15-year career as a traditional psychotherapist after growing tired of using mind-oriented approaches to deal with anxiety. Talking based approaches alone are unable to help people experience their lost primitive instinct, which is the secret ingredient for how to overcome anxiety. Bill drew inspiration from his training in Poland with Wim Hof where he began to get a vision for bringing cold water into the therapy room to help people learn how to face their fear and train themselves to remain calm in the midst of discomfort. Finding the power and courage to sit with discomfort is the foundation of mental resiliency and it is what our ancestors utilized to survive through difficult times in our history.In Bill’s own journey to overcome anxiety, he discovered that the courage to sit in cold water taught him that he is the owner of his mind which helped drastically reduce his symptoms of anxiety.

Bill is on a mission to create a delivery system to help people unlock their lost primitive instincts, find the courage to unleash their inner fire, and run toward their problems. Bill created a retreat center so people can take a pause from their life and do a deep dive to bring balance and remove any blockages that are holding them back from finding the courage to run toward their new destiny.

Wilder Wellness Center is the world’s leading physical, mental and spiritual ‘life reset’ center. They use a team approach – with a licensed therapist and a master shaman – who work together to integrate the most powerful pieces of traditional therapies and spirituality into one experience.

Wilder Wellness Center provides deep healing so people can grieve their old story and embody the new life that awaits them. The team starts with a comprehensive and holistic assessment that allows people to review their life and determine what they might have missed that is holding them back from being fully alive. They then use cold and hot water immersion as a way to release trauma that is locked up in the body. They combine this physical approach with a deeply spiritual experience. This is the only center in the world that has this powerful integration of mind, body, and spiritual healing. Wilder Wellness Center offers all of this in a personalized 3-day retreat for individuals and couples in a life transition or in pursuit of finding love and purpose.

People who come to Wilder Wellness Center are ready to transform their life. True transformation presents itself as a window in time where we are invited to enter, but it’s only open for a few minutes then it will close. People must decide if they have the courage to jump through this window of opportunity when it is open. During the 3-day retreat, participants are encouraged to act on this opportunity to meet the side of themselves that has been lost in the hustle of responsibility and taking care of those they love.

Many people who come to the center have tried traditional approaches and are looking for a more personal and in-depth transformational experience. Those who come to the center are typically in a life transition want to overcome feeling stagnant and empty in their work and personal relationships. Talking-based approaches and big group experiences only can take people so far.

When people are tired of individual counseling or big group events and are looking for a fully-private and personalized experience where the sole focus is on themself and their relationships, this is the place to come check out in 2021.

For a limited time, Bill is offering a complimentary assessment which will reveal in a matter of an hour exactly why people are feeling stagnant and stuck in their life.

To learn more reach out to Bill Wilder who can be reached at [email protected] or follow Bill on Instagram at @wilderwellnesscenter.More information can be found on the website at www.wilderwellnesscenter.com.

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