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Julyka – Music Becomes The Medium Of Expression

Bycbs editor

Feb 9, 2021
Great soulful music is considered a desert. It instantly enlightens the mood within minutes and makes the listener feel so much better.

In the last few years, music has become so much more important. Never-ending quarantines and lockdowns have further exacerbated boredom, adding to human lethargy. Music has been people’s best friend in this challenging time of isolation. Individuals prefer different types of music based on their moods, tastes, and likes. However, one sure thing is that music always creates a unique atmosphere and feeling for its listeners. Many people use music as a pure and inventive means of expression to communicate and convey their thoughts, emotions, and suffering.

There are many music bands and artists around the world that create premium quality music tracks and records. During the last few decades music has changed a lot. Therapists remain squarely on the idea that music provides a massive escape from anxiety. It soothes tired bodies and anxious souls, making individuals feel more alive and refreshed instantly. At the same time, others use it as a means of fun to pass the time. For some, music is a beautiful form of art that not everybody can create. Creating music is an excellent way of letting go of the trapped feelings in songs and albums as what has been holding one back is now out in public.

Julyka | German Singer, Composer & Songwriter 

Many people create music to express their helplessness and pay tribute to some important people in their lives. One such unique human being is Julyka, a German singer, composer, songwriter, freelance journalist and moderator and author; she was born in Cameroon, Africa. Julyka’s latest album “ÉTERNITÉ DE DÉLICES” is a tribute to her mother. It was produced in Ivory-Coast in 1999, remastered by Sebastian Schneider and distributed by DISTROKID. Julyka had joined a French University in Ivory-coast (INTEC De Paris) to continue her higher studies. She had left behind her sick mother in Cameroon. When her mother passed away, Julyka was shattered. She couldn’t go back to attend the funeral as her pockets were empty, nor she had the money to support her studies.

Her music inspiration came from her childhood when she sang with her Grand-mother at home, church, and in their community. Hence, Julyka wrote “Hommage aux mères” (Tribute to mothers) and added other songs. She sings in many Cameroon languages, Ivory-Coast, Burkinabe, and Wolof languages. Her song “Unité” when released was a cry to the world as she was in an unknown land in Africa (Ivory Coast) and couldn’t go back home to Cameroon.

Besides, Julyka is also an author and an international speaker and has been on stage in Belgium, Miami, Seattle, and Los Angeles. She studied in Ivory-Coast, France, Germany and London and has worked in several countries such as Cameroon, Ivory-Coast, Ghana, Sri-Lanka, US, Ireland, UK and Germany. Julyka has worked parallel as a columnist with Africa Voice Newspaper in Ireland and as the entertainer on her YouTube channel Grass fields TV and Julyka Official (music Channel on YouTube).

People like Julyka are the unsung real-life heroes who teach the world to fight every odd and never give up! Know more about Julyka and her fantastic work through the following links!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JSchlegl/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julietteschlegl/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B089D6CD5L
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@julykaofficial
YouTube Julyka: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4VevMMOb_lXCSY1XcI4fsg

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