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J.A. Jackson – It’s Time To Make Every Book Purchase Count

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Dec 8, 2021

Fresno County, California – December 6, 2021 – COVID-19 pandemic situation has changed a lot for people around the globe. The same case goes with the writers who have been doing amazing jobs by writing books, eBooks, and more. These are the people providing the best content containing emotions, ideas, stories, and much more for the people. 

J.A Jackson is one of such authors who have been doing a great job over the years. In 2012, she started her self-publishing career by publishing her books online. She did not choose to be a conventional writer working with a publishing house to earn a huge label. Instead, her choice was the digital readers who will be able to access her eBook and appreciate her work. 

She is a romance writer coming up with fiction stories and giving the amazing characters an imaginary life for the readers. Over the years, she has been doing great by publishing almost eleven books that contain individual books and two series of books as well. Each of the books is a treat for the readers giving them emotional support and helping them understand love. Along with love and emotion, thrill and suspense is a part of her literature type. 

Recently, after being hit by the difficulties in the pandemic, J. A Jackson is facing a lot of trouble with her finances. Therefore, she decided to have some gain by giving a legitimate offer to her readers. She is now offering a giveaway of her eBook Amazon kindle copy to the readers. They have to provide an email address and get a copy of any of the following:  

• The Grand Hotel

• When A Taker Dreams

• Mistress of Desire &The Orchid Lover Book I

• Mistress of Desire &The Orchid Lover Book II

• Lovers, Players Seducer Book I

• Lovers, Players Seducer Book II

• Lovers, Players Seducer Book III

Against this offer, she is asking for a mere donation of $2 for each copy of the eBook. The donation seems to help her to run some errands and be able to come up with new content. 

Here Are Some Ways To Make Donations: 

Donate online at MY GoFundly URL – https://fundly.com/if-you-can-help-it-can-make-a-difference

You can also donate by mailing a money order, or cashier’s check to Jerreece A. Jackson – Author J. A. Jackson P.O. Box 1494 Clovis, CA 93613, email: [email protected].

Media Contact
Contact Person: Jerreece A. Jackson
Email: Send Email
Address:P.O. Box 1494
City: Clovis
State: CA 93613
Country: United States
Website: https://fundly.com/if-you-can-help-it-can-make-a-difference

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