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It’s Time To Know The Secret To Living A Content Life

Bycbs editor

Jan 29, 2021
A closer look at

Many people believe that they have tried every possible way that they have come across or ways people around them shared about living a content life, yet nothing changed for them.

Most of us live our lives in a certain way because we were raised so or told to do so, or our ancestors used to do the same. However, there can be no one defined sketch, map, or route to living a content life based on all that. Most often, people feel there arebadvibes, or negative energies and all types of discomforts often moving around or with them no matter how hard they try to seek gratificationor content. Many others even struggle with identifying what really makes them happy and seem to remain dissatisfied no matter what they do. The reason being that they have been so deeply engrossed in living their lives according to a sketched pathway they unconsciously drafted for themselves or let others involuntarily draft for them.

To believe that the perception of life we have been living with, is the only possible correct way of existingand try to fine-tune it from here and there is the most dangerous weapon ever we can turn against ourselves. The fact is there is no fine tunings to our way of livingto make us at peace with ourselves to be productive and satisfied in life, but there is a whole process to living which we need to implement. The route to living a life full of content is to realizethe processes which we implemented in our lives and the mechanisms based on which life works and acting upon fixingthe broken ones and sometimes fully dismantle everything to start building more productive methods from zero.

The key to leading a fruitful, happy fulfilled life, is to consciously filter ALL what goes in. ALL in that sense means All we Let in our Lives.

There are quite many tried and tested ways that can alleviate the pain we bring on ourselves. Yoga and meditation are some of the most well-knownways of keeping your soul healthy. Meditation is a proven method to remove various stressful circumstances. They both increase alertness and awareness regarding the surrounding.But they all remain momentary appeasers if we do not deal with the root causes that lead to our general discomfort or discontent.

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