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How to inform the distinction among seasonal hypersensitive reactions and COVID-19

Bycbs editor

Apr 15, 2022

As hypersensitive reaction season collides with but any other upward push in COVID-19 instances nationwide, interpreting the distinction among signs of the coronavirus and hypersensitive reactions may be tricky. So how will you inform the distinction among the two?

“The pollen counts are up at some point of the country, and the signs may be pretty similar,” board licensed allergist, pediatrician and immunologist Dr. Anjuli Mehrotra advised CBS News’ Vladimir Duthiers and Nancy Chen Thursday.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, not unusualplace signs among seasonal hypersensitive reactions and COVID can consist of cough, headache and tiredness.

Seasonal hypersensitive reactions do now no longer generally purpose shortness of breath, that’s a symptom steady with COVID, except the character has a breathing situation like bronchial allergies. Allergies additionally do now no longer commonly purpose a fever, chills, frame aches or a lack of flavor or smell, that are all not unusualplace signs of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, COVID does now no longer generally purpose sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, or sore throat, that are not unusualplace hypersensitive reactions signs, the CDC says.

Despite the variations in signs, Mehrotra urges folks that are uncertain to err at the aspect of caution.

“It’s absolutely nice to don’t forget it COVID till validated otherwise,” she stated. “If you are having signs, I could now no longer hesitate to take an at domestic COVID-19 take a look at, particularly a fast antigen take a look at can be without a doubt beneficial on this scenario.”

Mehrotra stated the ones who’ve seasonal hypersensitive reactions aren’t at a better hazard for contracting COVID-19, or for experiencing extra extreme signs with the virus. But she warned that people with mild to extreme bronchial allergies can be at multiplied hazard of hospitalization with COVID.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, extra than 50 million Americans revel in diverse kinds of hypersensitive reactions each year. Allergies are as a result of the immune gadget reacting to a overseas substance along with pollen or animal dander.