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Forest roots and herbs announces launch of new “Naughotie Sauce” habanero and jalapeno flavors with natural ginseng and ginger

Bycbs editor

Mar 17, 2022

There are thousands of hot sauces available that appeal to various preferences for heat and flavors. But not every hot sauce has natural healthy ingredients.

NOW, Forest Roots and Herbs (Spring Valley, NY and Cincinnati, OH) launches New NaugHOTie Sauce, available in Habanero and Jalapeno flavors, with all natural ingredients, and containing the natural Ginseng and Ginger.

Forest Roots and Herbs owner, author and holistic nutritionist, Edwina Orelus, developed NaugHOTie Sauce to help hot sauce lovers spice up their lives while taking better care of themselves.

“Growing up as a young girl in Haiti, my mother taught us to cook with healthy natural foods and spices with recipes passed down for generations.” Edwina says, “When you’re in the Caribbean there’s heat and love in every dish, and romance in the air.”

After moving to New York City as a teenager, Edwina experienced all types of cuisines, working in restaurants, and eventually earned her certification as a holistic nutritionist to launch healthy natural foods. Edwina founded Forest Roots and Herbs to create delicious products, which incorporate holistic ingredients and recipes used by her family for generations to heal and promote vitality.

NaugHotie Sauce is the first product to be released. A holistic hot sauce, using all-natural ingredients, herbs like sage, cantaloupe, papaya, honey, ginger, ginseng, maca powder. So you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, satisfy your thrill-seeking and sensation-seeking while your body absorbs the best nutrients.

NaugHOTie Sauce Habanero and Jalapeno are available NOW at NaugHOTieSauce.com and coming soon to a retail location near you!

Media Contact
Company Name: NaugHotie
Contact Person: Edwina Orelus
City: Spring Valley
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: https://naughotiesauce.com/