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Entrepreneur Takes Real Estate Market By Storm

Bycbs editor

Aug 26, 2022

Johnston County, NC – Brendan Barefoot is no stranger to hard work.  From launching his landmark General Brokerage/Property Management firm, Premier Property Group, to his latest venture, Dumpster King, that’s more than quadrupled in size within the past year, there seems to be no method to his madness.

The New Market Leader

Brendan has made his mark in the General Brokerage field, which aims to help homebuyers and sellers navigate through, sometimes, complex real estate transactions.   However, his most notable success has been in the Investment Property arena, where he has managed to build a multi-million dollar portfolio of over 300 units before the age of 30.

Coming from humble beginnings, Brendan attributes his remarkable success to one simple philosophy: Be A Do’er.  “Treat people right, take care of them and they’ll take care of you.  Never miss an opportunity to do the right thing” he says, “But most importantly, get out and do something”.

“I’m a seven-day-a-week guy, but I thoroughly enjoy the work that we’re doing”, he says.  Usually, you can find Brendan in business slacks and a Premier Property Group polo meeting Buyers and Sellers, however, it isn’t uncommon to see him on a backhoe or a Dumpster King truck servicing clients as the need arises.  “We’ve been blessed  with a phenomenal group of guys who get after it, but it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the business and mind on your customers, making sure you do what you say you’re going to do; sometimes that’s hard to do while sitting in an office”

Even with all the success his ventures have seen, Barefoot states there is still more to come “Looking into the future I think growth in our rental portfolio will explode with this market ‘cool down’ we’re experiencing, creating a fund for both accredited and non-accredited investors may be something we entertain the idea of doing to give more people the opportunity to invest in the asset class”.   He has aspirations of crossing the Billion Dollar threshold in the Investment Property arena, and hopes to get his daughter, Madison, involved in the family business as soon as he can.  

Media Contact

Company Name: Premier Property Group
Contact Person: Brendan Barefoot
Phone: (919) 669-7370
City: Johnston County
State: NC
Country: United States
Website: https://premierpropertygroupnc.com/