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Chongqing Purepath Green Technology Launched Used Oil Recycling Machines and Oil Re-refining Plant

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Jan 14, 2021
Increasing wastes and pollutions have made human survival troublesome. The only way to make life better for future generations is to reduce waste, recycle and reuse it as much as possible.

The world is rapidly developing every day; technologies that we used yesterday are becoming obsolete today. Urbanization and fast pace technological development have eased life on the one hand. On the other hand, it has decreased the quality of life. The amounts of waste produced daily by urbanization and development activities are alarming! Natural habitats, animal species, and humans all are suffering from the consequences of increased waste.

The list of consequences resulting from the increased amount of waste is endless. Pollution, global warming, increased diseases, and less life expectancy are just a few of the adverse effects of untreated garbage and trash. It is the waste that is causing all the trouble, but how waste is treated is the real problem. Many countries worldwide have high pollution rates, and most of the waste is lying on roads. Some countries do dump the trash, but not all types of garbage can be entirely discarded. Furthermore, it is a long process that requires time and labor.

A practical method to treat waste is to reduce, recycle, and reuse through a used oil recycling machine. Many consider it the old school method; however, the old school method can give some incredibly fruitful results coupled with today’s advanced technologies. A lot of the industrial waste and cars and vehicles include oil so Used oil can be easily recycled and reused via a motor oil recycling machine. For the manufacturing and petrochemical industries, used oil may be distilled into lubricants, transformed into fuel oils, and used as raw materials. Additionally, utilized oil filters include scrap metal that can be repurposed as scrap feed by steel producers.

PurePath Green Technology

PurePath Green Technology is a company that provides professional, and high-quality waste engine oil recycling machine. PurePath has gained market leader status in China in the research, production, manufacture, and sales of recycling equipment for waste oil. The exclusively adopted technologies include TFE(thin film evaporator), real fractionation column, exclusive de-sulfur technology, and ultrasonic energy oxidative desulfurization. It can produce Group II base oil and Euro V standards diesel. The use of UV photolysis equipment can guarantee zero environmental impact. All their equipment and machines are CE and EPA certified. They believe in providing relief and peace of mind to their customers with the best quality of products. All of their products are precisely and carefully manufactured and tested under the supervision of professional engineers. Their waste oil distillation plant ensures that every drop of oil is carefully cleaned so that the result is pure.

Visit the link below to know more about their products: https://www.purepathtech.com

Media Contact

Company Name: Chongqing Purepath Green Technology CO., Ltd.
Contact Person: Bubble Lee
Phone: +86 15213363289
Address:4-502, Baoli Jiuyuehui, No. 5, Torch Avenue
City: Chongqing
Country: China
Website: https://www.purepathtech.com