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Bruce Alston – All about Real Estate Wholesaling

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Jun 14, 2022

 In real estate wholesaling, the wholesaler becomes a “Transactional Entity” who enters into a contract with the seller and then sells their contractual rights or Entity to an Investor. The wholesaler himself doesn’t purchase the property. Many people don’t know this, which is why they think one needs enormous sums of money to start real estate wholesaling

Many individuals are always looking for new ways to generate money. Real estate wholesaling is one of the first things that spring to mind. However, due to a lack of knowledge, it is deemed an unattainable alternative. Investing in real estate wholesaling is an excellent way to increase money for everyone, regardless of their qualifications. All you need is some basic understanding of the real estate market and how to enter into selling contracts. Later on, you sell these contracts to interested parties.

How Is Real State Wholesaling Different Than Real State Investing?

Generally, investors utilize real estate wholesaling as a short-term business technique to achieve significant profits. Instead of buying and selling a house, a wholesaler negotiates a deal with the seller and finds a buyer. Whereas, in real estate investing, an investor is a person who decides to put money into real estate. This can be done by purchasing real estate to sell/rent or buying, restoring, and reselling the property.

RE Wholesaling Daily LLC – Bruce Alston

Bruce Alston, socially known as The Wolf of Wholesaling and The Next Door Mogul, has been a successful real estate wholesaler & investor for 19 years. Alston has successfully wholesaled over 1500 properties. Nowadays, Bruce Alston is all set to launch the RE Wholesaling Daily Academy, which will be an online Real Estate Wholesaling University. Bruce aims to teach the masses the golden rules and tips for mastering real estate wholesaling.

He plans to make knowledge regarding real estate wholesaling accessible through various series of live video tutorials. He will teach individuals how to wholesale real estate properties from anywhere in the country. Other features of the online university include unlimited 24-hour access to the video training library and access to the weekly Zoom meetings with The Wolf of Wholesaling and his team.

Bruce Alston, aka The Wolf of Wholesaling, is also looking forward to launching a Private Lending Platform for Real Estate Investors through his App called Pluggster.com, in July. Real Estate Investors who sell funding for their deals will be able to place their deals in front of the best private lenders in the country, such as Lending One, Alpha Funding, Lima Capital, and Arkad Capital, and compare approvals and terms.

Adding furthermore, Bruce Alston said, “Sharing the failures and successes I have endured as Real Estate Wholesaler is why I believe RE Wholesaling Academy will be a great learning and mentoring tool for individuals who want to learn how to enter real estate investing with limited funds.”

People can also interact and follow Bruce Alto on his social media profiles to stay in check with the new launches. He often shares some tips and tricks regarding real-estate wholesaling as well. Who would want to miss out on such important stuff for free? So, don’t forget to follow and connect with Bruce Alston on social media platforms.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/REWholesalingDaily/

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