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Bachata with a Modern Feel: The Music of Felix Andino

Bycbs editor

Jul 14, 2022

NEW YORK – The re-emergence of the bachata genre in the modern music scene has been unfolding in recent years, thanks to the new generation of music greats that fuse legendary music with modern flavors. And among those artists that showed love for bachata in the current scene is Puerto Rican-born singer Felix Andino.

Gaining a huge fan following with his unique blend of bachata and modern sounds through his singles, he released his first full album entitled ”Corazon A Corazon”, which has received massive acclaim and huge sales, thanks to an impressive set of bilingual tracks showcasing different music styles while still capturing the undeniable feels of bachata music.

Born in Isabela, Puerto Rico move to Brooklyn as a new born, Andino was the eldest among the nine children of Felix Andino and Luz Valentin, both of Puerto Rican descent. At an early age, the younger Andino developed a passion for music. He later joined the church choir singing, to which he became a worship leader, further honing his talent and passion for music.

His love for bachata later surfaced in the 80s when he joined the merengue group “La Gran Manzana de New York” as a saxophone player, where he later learned to merge the legendary music genre with other styles, such as romantic and urban music in the late 90s. The bachata spirit that is present in his tracks has been well-received by music lovers making Andino the next big name in music to watch for.

If you want to experience the romantic feels of bachata with a modern touch, you can check out Felix Andino’s latest album, entitled “Corazon A Corazon” which is out now. You can also follow the singer through his YouTube, Spotify, and his official social media pages, and through his official website: felixandino.com


Felix Andino is Puerto Rican-born bilingual singer-songwriter, who became popular in the music scene for his soulful and romantic songs focusing on the bachata genre.

Born in Isabela, Puerto Rico move to Brooklyn as a new born, he is the eldest among the nine children of Felix Andino and Luz Valentin, both of Puerto Rican descent. Developing a passion for music at an early age, he honed his musical talents as a member of the church choir, and later on as a worship leader.

He then started to get into the bachata music world and developed a passion for it when he joined a merengue group called “La Gran Manzana de New York” where he played the saxophone. He was later trained by his co-producer Jorge Ferreira in singing and nuanced bachata. Eventually, his own brand of bachata music will then be known for the blend of the legendary genre with romantic and urban influences.

In 2020, he released his first full album, “Corazon A Corazon”, which received wide praise from music fans and reviewers, thanks to Andino’s incredible show of different musical styles, with the main focus on the bachata genre. He also released many English-language songs in bachata, which have been enjoying great success in the US music market.

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