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Convert Ideas Into Real Business Ventures With Bidea App

Starting a business, or finalizing a startup idea is not a piece of cake. Many factors have to be carefully evaluated to avoid the risk of failure. The 21st century…

Ander Lujambio – Entrepreneur, Senior Project Coordinator And Design Engineer

Ander Lujambio is the founder and CEO of Bidea Ventures (www.bidea.app). He founded the well-known Bidea app that has been serving to help thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. He also serves…

Ernesto.Net – Is Data Science Shaping The Future of Education and Training

Data Sciences has emerged as the quintessential field in the 21st century. The digitalization of the world has increased the importance of data and data science training. The need for…

Urumi Beauty – Is There A Way To Achieve Glossier Makeup On Acne-Prone Skin?

People with acne struggle to achieve smooth, milky, and glossier makeup looks. Not every full coverage makeup product can seamlessly cover up acne or acne scars. Acne and acne scarring…