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10 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Eco-Friendly Packaging at Wholesale Price 

Bycbs editor

Apr 23, 2021

The most environmentally friendly packing option is often to recycle existing boxes, envelopes. And materials that you have in your home. However, as your business grows this is not always possible. And while using 100% recycled Eco-friendly packaging wholesale is good for the environment. It is not necessarily the best option to protect your products, develop your brand and improve your design skills. Communicate.

As a result, their demand for environmentally friendly options is increasing. And companies must consider ways to include materials and methods that have less of an impact on the planet. Is it deserving your business to streamline its packing plan with environmentally friendly and sustainable methods? Some will say no, it costs too much and takes too long. But there are certainly important benefits besides reducing your CO2 footprint of going green.

Embrace the Humble Cardboard Box:

Cardboard is a simple and ecological material. It is biodegradable, recyclable, and in most cases made from recycled pulp. Cardboard cases come in a variety of dimensions. And in addition to a low carbon footprint, double and triple cardboard cartons are as sturdy. As they can be and keep your products safe and healthy during the. Shipping process. Although the cartons are not separated when thrown in the trash, they easily break down in the landfill. All of this means that cardboard is a safe way to keep eco-friendly packaging cosmetics environmentally friendly.

Make Your Packing Recyclable:

Whether it’s primary packing the packing that surrounds the product. Packing is meant to be placed on store shelves or packing used for shipping products. You can reduce waste by making the packing recyclable. Use your creativity here.

Utilize your Wrapping as Part of Your Craft Fair:

If you are selling at craft fairs. How about using your eco-friendly boxes wholesale on your stand to showcase your products. Give it extra height, or even line your stand itself? If your packing is particularly smart, beautiful, or specially designed. It can even work at trade shows. It provides a good conversation, and if you do it right, it can strengthen your brand identity as well. Besides, your customer can not only see the packing that came with your product. But it also makes the packing and transportation of all your products to and from the show a lot easier.

Develop your Customer Base and Increase brand Loyalty:

By being more sustainable, you can acquire more customers and increase their loyalty as you go. Numerous researches have shown that buyers are increasingly taking sustainability into account when determining which brands to do business with.

Consolidated Storage:

Reducing packaging materials and reducing waste are two important parts of sustainable packing. And when performed accurately, they lead to more efficient storage. So you can limit the space needed to house your products. And therefore reduce storage costs or free up additional space to store more.

Consumer Interest:

As people become aware of the impact of modern life on the planet. The demographics of people supporting the environmental movement are increasing. While this is a well-intentioned attempt to protect the ecosystem. It is also becoming a trend. So companies offering Eco-friendly packaging wholesale will attract this rapidly growing group.

Government Policy:

Being more eco-friendly isn’t just something that’s all the rage right now. A possible government policy may soon come into effect and mandate environmentally friendly packing. If you choose to adapt your business’s packing strategy with something more sustainable at an early stage. You can save money later.

Cost Advantages:

There is a perception that going green can be costly for a business. But it is quite profitable to go green. By reducing the number of materials used. Manufacturing can ultimately cost less and the eco-friendly packaging boxes become lighter, which also makes shipping cheaper. More companies that need recyclable materials will also encourage the manufacturer. To produce more and then reduce the cost of those products.

Benefits from Eco-Packing:

While switching to recyclable materials or reducing energy consumption can be a great way to become a more sustainable business. Some have come up with some innovative ways to package their products in an environmentally friendly way.

Egg Carton or Newspaper:

While many green packaging ideas focus on reducing materials. This innovation goes one step further. Found a way to make a standard egg carton from a discarded sheet of newspaper. In an origami-style design, she folds the paper into a square basket with a piece under the bottom as a protective pad. While a striped card holds everything in place and doubles as product information.

Cardboard Balls:

Korean innovators Unplug Design came up with a great idea, not only for a recyclable purpose for packaging. But also to provide something fun for children living in developing countries. They named Dreamball and their innovation is to transform a cylindrical auxiliary wrapper into a cardboard ball. Including a game of soccer, baseball, and handball. The designs printed on the side make it easy to follow the instructions. And fold the tube into the type of ball you want. Unbelievable.

Reusable bag:

Yes, even the big boys want a piece of the green action. Puma called on the designer to create this beauty. It is a bag made from fewer raw materials and which can then be recycled. The company estimates that the bags save more than 60% water, energy. And diesel compared to traditional bag production processes. And of course, they also look pretty cool.

 Plantable Packing:

Pangea Organics, which makes 100% plant-based beauty products, was already pretty big on zero waste. But then they decided to take it a step further and find a way to turn their packaging into trees. Yes, you read that right. They came in a way to include organic seeds. Such as basil and amaranth, in the boxes, so once the customer has removed their product. They can easily remove the label, dip the case in water, and plant it in the ground.


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